All Landi Renzo products and systems are the result of years of in-depth study and research on a technological level that have led to the registration of several patents. The numerous inventions of the Landi Renzo Research and Development Centre have resulted in an important development of LPG and CNG motor propulsion components, always integrated further into petrol systems of mechanics as well as electronics. A wide range of technologically advanced products allows the company to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding clients and the requests of the most advanced car manufacturers. The Landi Renzo systems use energy sources with a low environmental impact and therefore contribute towards the development of eco-sustainable mobility, guaranteeing energy savings and economic advantages.


Automotive device which reduces and stabilizes the natural gas pressure, in order to properly feed the engine. The three reduction stages provide stability at both high and low pressures. The pressure regulator is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a low pressure solenoid valve fitted upstream of the third stage. The necessary operating heat is provided by a connection with the engine coolant system. The engine idling gas flow is activated through the gas pipe main flow as a result of the negative pressure generated by the engine. CN04 is equipped with an electronic starting device with a built-in safety system which closes the gas solenoid valve when the engine stops.

  • Regulator type: 3 stages with electronic starting device and idling at negative pressure
  • Use: automotive (suitable for vehicles with or without catalytic converter, injection and carburettor)
  • Type of fuel: CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • Heating: Engine cooling circuit liquid
  • Test pressure: 300 bar
  • Inlet pressure: 220 bar
  • First stage adjustment pressure: 4 bar
  • Second stage adjustment pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • High-pressure solenoid valve coil power capacity: 20W
  • Versions:CN 04: up to 100 kW





The most important features of Benzo Triana 2000 regulator are:

- Three reduction stages, allowing an excellent flow of natural gas to engine, in every working conditions.

- Internal safety valve, with over pressure protection, which release the gas in the feed circuit to prevent external leaks.


- Gas/water heat intercharger , to balance temperature losses caused by expansion phase, assuring the best performance, despite of climatic factors.

- Minimum regulation device, that assure a better operating at low speed-, in order to avoid engine stops.

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Technical features
Use : Automotive (Injection-Carburated)
Kind of fuel : NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle)
Function : Pressure Reducer of three stages
Body : Injected Aluminum with a covering resin
Work pressure : 200 bar
Electric Feeding

: 12 VCC
Electric power : 13 W (solenoid)
Connection inlet : Raccord M12x1
Connection outlet : Hose ø20 mm
Pressure of 1° stage : 4.5 bar
Pressure of 2° stage : 1.5 bar
Capacity in power : Up to 140 Hp
Heating : Engine Coolant liquid
Technical features
Use : Automotive (Injection-Carburated)
Kind of fuel : NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle)
Function : Pressure Reducer of three stages
Body : Injected Aluminum with a covering resin
Work pressure : 200 bar
Electric Feeding : 12 VCC
Electric power : 13 W (solenoid)
Connection inlet : Raccord M 12x1
Connection outlet : Hose ø 20mm
Pressure of 1° stage : 4.5 bar
Pressure of 2° stage : 1.9 bar
Capacity in power : Up to 180 Hp
Heating : Engine Coolant liquid


The Italian Company Tomasetto Achille Spa designs and produces quality components for lpg and cng equipments for cars. Tomasetto Achille manufactures multivalves for lpg tanks for cars, pressure reducers for lpg and cng kits, cng valves, solenoid valves, filling points for lpg and cng, and other accessories for gas equipments for cars.

  • Open Loop Injection Kit
  • Reducers

LPG Multivalves

LPG multivalves are the core product of our Company: they are produced with Tomasetto Achille trade-mark or with the marks of some of the most important European Company present on the market. Millions of pieces sold and installed all over the world are the evidence of quality and reliability of Tomasetto multivalves.

All our multivalves are available in different models, for every type of tank (cylindrical, toroidal or special versions) and in several configurations (on demand, personalized versions are produced as well):

  • Multivalves model AT02: homologated in accordance with the latest European Regulation 67R-01, they are mainly used in Europe and Asia;
  • Multivalves model MTE88, homologated in accordance with the European Regulation 67R-00, they are still used mainly in Russia, Ukraina and South America;
  • Multivalves model AT11: homologated ECE 67R-01, specifically designed for use in 2-wheelers. (motorbikes)


Tomasetto Achille designs and produces, for Italian and foreign important Customers, pressure reducers (pressure regulators - vaporizers) for LPG and CNG equipments. Regarding the reducers, the range of products of Tomasetto includes electronic models for traditional systems and models for new injection systems. Reducers calibrated for different engines and different climatic conditions are available. The reducers are mainly produced with the trademarks of some important customers and exclusively targeted for foreign markets.

CNG valves

Tomasetto Achille, in order to enlarge its range of products and satisfy customers requirements, has developed a new range of high quality CNG valves and accessories, homologated R110 and in accordance with Iso 15500.

Tomasetto CNG valves are available in following types:

  • Cylinder Valves: available in manual versions, vented versions, automatic versions, with different types of safety devices and threads;
  • filling valves: available in different models, according to the market where they are requested;
  • CNG solenoid valves;
  • Accessories for cng valves.


The company products range comprehends also many accessories for lpg and cng kits for cars, like lpg and gasoline solenoid valves, filling points also in gasoline door version, gas-tight housings for lpg valves, mainteinance kits for reducers, filters, and fixing accessories.